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Bridging the Gap with Cat Coluccio

Advancements in technology over the past few years have meant that the ability to digitally alter images, removing imperfections and creating the illusion of flawlessness, has shifted from not only big media and photography companies, to the everyday photographer, blogger and social media user. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and online editing softwares provide an easy forum for people to tweak, change and 'enhance' their image. The use of these technologies is perpetuating the idea that our natural selves are fundamentally flawed, undesirable and not worthy of self-love. Cat Coluccio is building her empire on empowering midlife women to find their purpose, to lose their mask, their fear and their inhibitions, to become totally authentically true to themselves. Her mantra is for every woman to "Rock Midlife." 
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Gucci | Resort 2018

Photo Credit: InStyle
Ever since Alessandro Michele took over the reins as Creative Director of Gucci in January 2015 I have fallen back in love with the brand. Alessandro takes classic Gucci design and pairs it with an overstated quirky elegance and a nod to yesteryear. Aesthetically his bold designs, statement patterns, hand-embroidery and gilded embellishments push the envelope and leave a sense of intrigue. 


Christian Louboutin | Spring/Summer 2015

The Christian Louboutin infamous red heel is synonymous with the height of luxury, and the Spring/Summer 2015 collection is no exception. This latest Louboutin collection unites "a spectrum of references, colours, and textures" and features "elegant fringing, bejewelled beauty, and aquatic themes throughout" - Christian Louboutin USA. The Spring/Summer 2015 collection is currently on pre-order and here are few of my favourite designs. 


Product Review | Za Brow Liner

My first post in January this year predicted that 2014 was going to be known as the year of the brow, and boy was I right! It seems like every brand now has a range of brow products to define, enhance and sculpt the perfect eyebrows. And with so much choice it can be really confusing trying to pick a product that is right for you. I have recently been introduced to the Za Brow Liner and it is now my go-to product for perfectly shaped brows everyday.


Breast Cancer Awareness

1 in every 9 New Zealand women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, 7 New Zealand women are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday, and this year alone an estimated 650 New Zealand women will die from the disease. These sobering statistics mean that every 3 hours 1 woman is diagnosed and nearly 2 New Zealand women will die each day of breast cancer. These sobering facts mean that almost every New Zealand'er will in some way be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. 

My family and I have personally been affected by breast cancer as my Nana was diagnosed with the disease in early 2000. At that time New Zealand did not have the facilities and infrastructure to cope with the growing demand of patients with cancer, and she was sent to Sydney for radiation treatment. We were one of the lucky one's as she successfully battled breast cancer. I know that there are so many women and their families who aren't so lucky and that is why I really get in behind this cause as I want to see prevention and a cure for breast cancer in my lifetime. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in New Zealand, and is a month of raising awareness of breast cancer and raising funds for the cause. All funds raised go toward raising public awareness of the cause, into promoting early detection, and into researching a cure. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Cure foundation estimates that a cure could be found before 2018. WOW! Think of how many lives will be saved globally! 

Skinfood is a New Zealand natural skincare brand that has recently collaborated with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation to create a new product - Breast Cream. This is being hailed as a product that could save your life!

The Breast Cream is a moisturising lotion that is to be massaged into your breasts, and the idea behind it is that by massaging your breasts you are beginning to get to know what your 'normal' is - their size, shape, feel and look. Becoming more breast aware means that you should notice any slight changes in your breasts which may be an indication of early stages of breast cancer. The concept of the cream goes beyond the aesthetics and is really for early detection of any cancers or tumours developing in your breasts, and obviously the earlier the disease is found the greater chance of survival and treatment success!

I have been using Skinfood's Breast Cream for a couple of weeks and really love that it is making me more breast aware (review will be up soon!). As my Nana has had breast cancer it is something I am very aware and know how important it is to stay vigilant in ensuring that there are no changes to your breasts.

The Breast Cream is available in New Zealand to purchase for $11.99 from your local supermarket or pharmacy, or online at and $2 from every sale goes to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.


Paris Fashion Week | Chanel's Protest for Female Rights

Photo Credit: The Straits Times
Karl Lagerfeld is known for putting a unique and original spin on traditional runway shows. In March he transformed Paris's Grand Palais into a grocery store complete with real Chanel-branded grocery items, produce and hardware. To showcase the Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection Karl Lagerfeld paid homage to feminism  by turning the runway into a Parisian street and staged a mock protest in support of women's rights. 

To end Paris Fashion Week Chanel's models, led by Cara Delevingne who chanted into a quilted megaphone embellished with the Chanel emblem, took to the street (runway) holding placards with hand written slogans including “Boys Should Get Pregnant, Too,” “History Is Her Story,” “Ladies First,” “Be Different,” and “Tweed is Better Than Tweet”. The show follows on the heels of Emma Watson's moving gender equality speech at the United Nations last week, which went viral on social media and raised global awareness for political, social and economic equality of the sexes. 


SweetPea & Fay

Bright, bold lips have had a massive comeback and are now a big fashion statement! When choosing lipsticks I always look for good quality ingredients, long lasting formula and beautiful pigment. I have just been introduced to SweetPea & Fay, an American beauty brand selling a gorgeous range of statement lip colours and beautiful blush and eye makeup. I have been using their J’Adore Les Levres tubes in the shades 'Ziggy' and 'Paper Cut' and I am in love with their strong pigment and matte finish.


Product Review | The Brush Guard

How many times have you invested in quality make up brushes only to find that once they have been deep cleaned a couple of times they begin to loose their shape? Or have you ever travelled with your brushes but when you arrive at your destination the hairs of the brush are all splayed out from being thrown into your make up bag or into a brush roll? Realising that your brushes are no longer in their original shape can be devastating, especially if you have spent a lot of money on top quality brushes!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on The Brush Guard variety pack that claims to help makeup brushes retain their shape and increase their longevity. The Brush Guards are long polyester covers that stretch over your makeup brushes keeping all of the hairs in place when they are being transported, stored or are drying. Given there is no universal makeup brush size The Brush Guard has made different sized guards to fit all of your brushes from small lip and shadow brushes right through to your largest kabuki. In the pack that I have tried there are 1 large, 2 medium, 2 small and 1 extra-small Guards. This pack worked really well for the variety of brushes that I own and use regularly.


Milan Fashion Week | Moschino's Tribute to Barbie

Photo Credit: Gafas Amarillas

When Jeremy Scott, the Creative Director of Italian luxury fashion house Moschino, made fast food fashion runway worthy in his Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, many questioned whether he could top the success and appeal of those iconic and fashion forward designs. Boy were the critics wrong! This year the fashion house has taken inspiration from Barbie to create their Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection.  

True to the spirit of Barbie the models took the runway in Milan made up to look like real-life Barbie dolls with blonde wavy hair, bold lipstick, big smiles and walking (or roller skating) to Aqua's 90's hit 'Barbie Girl.' The collection included a pink leather dress, workout apparel, sequinned gowns, a lot of taffeta and over the top accessories.


Clinique Sonic System Cleansing Brush

Clinique has just launched their brand new Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush that has been designed and developed by world-leading dermatologists to ensure you get the best facial cleanse every time you use the system. 

The Brush uses sonic speed vibrations to thoroughly remove all dirt and debris on the surface of the skin and deep within your pores, making your skin look and feel more radiant, youthful and smooth.


New York Fashion Week 2014 - DAYS 7 & 8

Photo Credit: ZIMBIO
Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is currently showcasing the latest 
ready-to-wear designs for Spring/Summer 2015. 

"Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events provide designers with an international platform to showcase their collections to hundreds of thousands of industry insiders from around the world, including buyers, retailers, celebrities, VIPs and members of the regional, national and international press. These exclusive and invitation only events take place twice annually in New York, Berlin and Istanbul and once a year in Australia and Miami. Known as the premier event worldwide -- style, beauty, supermodels and celebrities come together at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to present the best in fashion!" - Official Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week YouTube Channel.

Here are my standout 
pieces from Days 7 & 8 of the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

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