Leah Light | VIP Celebrity Salon Opening

What a whirlwind week! Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the hottest events in Auckland - the VIP Celebrity Opening of the Leah Light Nails and Beauty Studio. Being fortunate enough to have received an invitation, I now want to give you a behind the scenes look at this fabulous event.

Leah Light Nails & Beauty Studio | Manicures and ManiCams

"Leah Light Nails and Beauty is all about pampering you by providing you with that
 something special on those days you want to feel like a star"

After traveling up to Auckland for the Leah Light Nails and Beauty Studio VIP Celebrity Opening (check out my behind the scenes look at the event here) I was lucky enough to secure a time slot for a manicure with the wonderful Charlie for the next day. I am very much a girly girl so I knew that I wanted pink nails with cute decals and glitter, but with so much choice and only 10 fingers to paint, it took a little while deciding on the exact shade and what 3D nail art I wanted. Such a tough decision!


The Body Shop | Beauty With Heart

"We believe true beauty comes from the heart. For us, beauty is much more 
than a pretty face. It's about feeling good and doing good, too."

The Body Shop has always been one of those stores which amazes me; beautiful displays, gorgeous products, and divine scents. But beyond this pleasing aesthetic, The Body Shop brand stands for so much more. They have started a movement which advocates truthful, natural and ethical beauty, otherwise known as 'Beauty With Heart.' What this means is that when you choose to purchase a product from The Body Shop you are not only making a financial transaction in the store, but you have also made a choice to support human rights and fair trade, to protect animals against animal testing, and to help in the fight against global warming and deforestation.


Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Body Oil

Wouldn’t it be nice to be held tight, wrapped in a soft soothing cocoon, allowing you to drift away from the stress and pressures of modern living?

Dr. Hauschka have recognised this innate human desire to feel comforted and safe by combining natural calming extracts to create their wonderfully therapeutic Moor Lavender Body Oil. Acting almost as an invisible veil, this organic oil works to shield sensitive souls, anyone travelling, and those just needing to unwind, from the hectic and often overwhelming world we live in today.

Dr. Hauschka’s Moor Lavender Oil is a thick and creamy two-phase formulation which envelopes and warms the skin. Moor extract is prepared in a special rhythmic process, producing a healing energy which helps keep oneself grounded, clear headed, and protected from the negativities and influences of the outside world. This is then combined with the gentle essence of lavender which emits a calming energy, and helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain. Together they form both a nostalgic and protective blend.

If you live a busy lifestyle, are a sensitive person, or suffer from pain, then I would definitely recommend Dr. Hauschka’s Moor Lavender Body Oil. Providing relief on both the mental and physical levels, it is the perfect pick-me-up when the world is getting you down.


ghd | A 'Good Hair Day' Everyday

Bad hair days are but a distant memory thanks to ghd!

The creation of the ghd is the biggest advancement to the hair styling industry in the past decade.  Hitting the market in 2001, ghd now has a worldwide cult following of men and women who have longed for a 'Good Hair Day' everyday. ghd brings this fanciful rhetoric into reality through regular advancements in their technology, and introducing limited edition sets bi-annually to stay on-trend. Their styling tools and products have revolutionised the world of hair grooming, and the brand has grown to become known as the best in the industry!

I have been an avid ghd user for the past 6 years and can attest to the fact that using ghd products eliminates any element of having a bad hair day. Other hair styling tools simply cannot compete in the same league as the ghd; its cutting-edge technology, simplistic yet stylish design, and inherent understanding of exactly what users want, is second to none. 

My ghd straighteners were part of the 2008 ghd and Breast Cancer Awareness collaboration, whereby each September/October ghd brings out a special limited edition set to raise funds for the fight against Breast Cancer. The partnership between the two began in 2004 and has been successful in raising over $2 million for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and has also helped to raise public awareness about the research undertaken into the prevention and cure of Breast Cancer. I absolutely love my ghd's and I am so pleased that I decided to invest in such a good quality product. If you purchase quality over quantity, then particularly with ghd, you will get years of use out of them. 

For those of you who have not had the privilege of using a ghd straightener, you may be asking what all the hype is about. So here is a few fun facts about the latest Gold Classic ghd Styler:
  • Each and every ghd straightener comes with a two-year manufacturers guarantee from the purchase date, which means that within this period ghd will repair or replace your straighteners where they are not performing due to a manufacturing fault.
  • The newer straighteners have a protective plate guard which means that you are able to touch the outside of the plates (obviously not the heated plates themselves!) without getting burnt. This may not sound too exciting but it is a feature that I wish my older straightener had, because I often have to wait 10-15 minutes for them to cool down before packing them away. If you are in a hurry to leave and you need to take them with you, then this can be a real pain!
  • How many times have you accidentally left your straighteners on and had to rush back to make sure they are switched off? ghd is so aware of this common 'mishap' that they have invented the automatic sleep mode function, which switches the straightener off if it hasn't been in use for over 30 minutes. How handy is that!
  • ghd is a universal brand and have a global fan-base, so the introduction of the universal voltage function into each of its straighteners was really important for its users. This ensures that you get the same styling performance wherever you are in the world.
  • There are 3 sizes of straighteners in the classic range to cater for all different hair-types; classic, mini, and max stylers
  • With a ghd straightener, gone are the days of needing separate straightening and curling tools. The newer ghd's have contoured edges which enable them to create perfect, luscious curls, as well as sleek straightened hair. Effectively you are purchasing two products in one!

My verdict is, if you are looking at purchasing a new hair straightener then look no further than the ghd! It is quite a bit more expensive than other brands in the market, but the investment is definitely worth it. If you think of how long cheaper styling tools last, and cost of replacement over time, plus the obvious difference in performance and styling, it makes sense to save up and purchase a ghd!

To show individual flare and personality I would recommend waiting for a limited edition set which often includes a variety of colours, and comes with lots of handy ghd accessories, such as hair clips and heat resistant travel rolls. These sets are a bit more expensive but I have found that the accessories are really worth the extra money you pay. I couldn't live without my ghd heat resistant travel pouch and mat, which are perfect for protecting the precious cargo during my travels. 

If you want more ghd information check out

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