Avon | True Colour Eyeshadow Duo

I have been using Avon's True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in 'Grey Matters' which includes the shadows Pink Glow and Silver! Pink Glow is a light baby pink colour, and Silver is a medium silver/grey pigment, and both have a hint of shimmer to liven them up.

The outer cardboard packaging of the Duo is black with bold white writing which is very simple but effective. It actually reminded me a lot of M.A.C cosmetics outer packaging. When you open the cardboard box, the Duo is housed in an understated but very sophisticated black compact, with the Avon brand name indented in the top of the case. Avon has really succeeded in the way in which they have presented the Eyeshadow Duo, they have emulated the best design features in the packaging produced by the more "high-end" cosmetic brands, and produced a very chic and tasteful compact.

Now for the Duo itself. I love the pink and grey pigments in my Duo because the colours really work well and complement each other, giving my eye greater depth and contour. I really like an understated eye, and I found that this Duo was perfect for creating a subtle eye. However if you wanted a really bold eye you would need quite a bit of product on the brush, and really work on layering the product. For me the subtlety really worked. This is definitely a combination of eyeshadow that could easily be worn casually during the day, and dressed up at night. The perfect Duo if you ask me!

Within the open compact there is a wonderful little mirror and a small double-ended eyeshadow brush so you can apply on the go, or make touch up's throughout the day if you wish. I really like the little brush that is included because it is black, like the case that it is housed in, so it is not obvious. I find that a lot of brushes that are inclusive with product look tacky and cheap. The brush included with the eyeshadow fits in well with the overall look and feel of the compact, and has a different sized sponge at each end, so to allow greater contouring with the colours. Avon really have thought of small details when designing this product!!!

One small piece of criticism about this product is that I would have loved to have had greater instructions on how to create a really striking eye with the colours included. I love eyeshadow, but I certainly wouldn't proclaim to be an expert in applying it, so I would have liked to have seen more instructions on the back, or a small bit of paper that provides handy hints and tips for the application. It is really a minor point, and perhaps others would have found this redundant, but I think for myself and people who want to apply eyeshadow well, then this may have been of benefit.

This is a product that I really love using! I usually have really sensitive eyelids, and often product will cause them to flare up and swell, but I have had absolutely no sensitivity when applying and wearing this eyeshadow - such a great change to what I am used to. With 8 different compact duo's there really is an Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo to suit everyone, and I would definitely recommend that you find the colour pair that best suits you and give it a go!

If you want to purchase this product or any product by Avon, then you should contact your nearest Avon representative. 

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