Breast Cancer Awareness

1 in every 9 New Zealand women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, 7 New Zealand women are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday, and this year alone an estimated 650 New Zealand women will die from the disease. These sobering statistics mean that every 3 hours 1 woman is diagnosed and nearly 2 New Zealand women will die each day of breast cancer. These sobering facts mean that almost every New Zealand'er will in some way be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. 

My family and I have personally been affected by breast cancer as my Nana was diagnosed with the disease in early 2000. At that time New Zealand did not have the facilities and infrastructure to cope with the growing demand of patients with cancer, and she was sent to Sydney for radiation treatment. We were one of the lucky one's as she successfully battled breast cancer. I know that there are so many women and their families who aren't so lucky and that is why I really get in behind this cause as I want to see prevention and a cure for breast cancer in my lifetime. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in New Zealand, and is a month of raising awareness of breast cancer and raising funds for the cause. All funds raised go toward raising public awareness of the cause, into promoting early detection, and into researching a cure. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Cure foundation estimates that a cure could be found before 2018. WOW! Think of how many lives will be saved globally! 

Skinfood is a New Zealand natural skincare brand that has recently collaborated with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation to create a new product - Breast Cream. This is being hailed as a product that could save your life!

The Breast Cream is a moisturising lotion that is to be massaged into your breasts, and the idea behind it is that by massaging your breasts you are beginning to get to know what your 'normal' is - their size, shape, feel and look. Becoming more breast aware means that you should notice any slight changes in your breasts which may be an indication of early stages of breast cancer. The concept of the cream goes beyond the aesthetics and is really for early detection of any cancers or tumours developing in your breasts, and obviously the earlier the disease is found the greater chance of survival and treatment success!

I have been using Skinfood's Breast Cream for a couple of weeks and really love that it is making me more breast aware (review will be up soon!). As my Nana has had breast cancer it is something I am very aware and know how important it is to stay vigilant in ensuring that there are no changes to your breasts.

The Breast Cream is available in New Zealand to purchase for $11.99 from your local supermarket or pharmacy, or online at and $2 from every sale goes to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

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